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A certified life coach providing diverse virtual support services.

Solutions that suit your lifestyle
Hi! My name is Karen Kelly.

I am a certified professional life transition coach for the everyday person. I believe that a life coach is an objective observer. I may be the person in the car next to you or the person in the store aisle. I have worked as a factory worker, clothes presser, and food service professional. The one thing that all of my past careers have in common is that people come to me and talk about what they want in life.

If you are interested in trying my virtual support services, contact Long Search | Life Coaching today for a free complimentary session.

You can find me on Instagram: kaeseakellie

My email is:

A cluster of pebbles on a beach.

Life and career guidance
My role is to simply ask insightful questions that bring out the answers you are looking for.

What is your goal? What is holding you back?

Did you ever want to change your job, get a pet, or even be more positive?

Feel like a rope is tying you to a rock?

That there is a trap waiting for you with every step you take?

Sometimes the path to follow isn’t clear.

All you see are large boulders in the way.

That is where a life coach comes into the picture.

Large rocks in a lake underneath grey skies.

Support during difficult transitions
Life comes with many challenges. A life coach can assist you along the way. No matter what transitions you're going through, my job is to provide the support you need.

Both small and large objects may cause you to stumble in life, but that doesn't mean you need to give up on your aspirations.

All of your goals are attainable if you are willing to dedicate enough energy to the process.

I am here to help you understand what your true wants and needs are, and apply these concepts to your life.

I would love to work with you! If you are looking for life guidance or support, get in touch with me today.